ESSHL  Super Junior League Championship

Sunday, April 2nd

After a long battle of going to a full 3 games, team Harambe coached by youngster Zach Webb and help from Preston Shover and CJ Jones take home the Super Junior Championship. They clawed back after being shut out 1-0 in the first game to win the next 2. Throughout the weekend of the playoffs they had to play a total of 9 games to raise the trophy. Congratulations to Harambe and all teams that played this season!


ESSHL Senior League  Games from

Sunday, April 2nd


Game 1: EZ Loan Bruins 3, Blues 4

On the final day of regular season games, the Blues came in looking to avoid being relegated to last place, and certainly had the jump to do it.  Meanwhile, the lofty Bruins sealed up first place some time ago, but weren’t about to start giving games away.  Indeed, they dominated possession for the bulk of the contest, and outshot their opponents 20-11.  Nonetheless, goalie Mark Stapleton made exactly the amount of saves he needed to for the Blues, and the team in front of him didn’t pull any punches against Bruins’ backup goalie Mike McCready.  Josh Hail potted two goals and an assist in the win; Paul Thornes and Julian Dedicatoria scored the other Blues’ goals; Cory Chance picked up an assist.  For the Bruins, TR Hoyt led the offense with a pair of markers; Jason Johnson scored; Scott Millikin and Zach Webb each picked up a helper.

Game 2: Jim Wert Builder, Inc. Penguins 6, Eastern Speed Shop Avalanche 1

Despite the team beginning to gel in the latter half of the season, the Pens remained in last place—by a thin margin—coming into the day.  Like the Blues, they came in hot against their opponent, a shorthanded Avs squad.  Stars Derek Hail and Josh LoFaso found their rhythm and managed to frustrate the opposing defense all game.  Meanwhile, goalie Guy Parks, still riding high from his All-Star performance, shut the door on some quality Avalanche chances.  Hail found himself a hat trick plus two assists, and was smilin’ like a butcher’s dog.  LoFaso rang up two goals and three assists; Randall Stapleton scored a goal and two assists.  Mr. Tease scored the lone goal for the Avs, spoiling Ol’ Plugalong’s shutout bid on an assist from Dustin Palo.

Game 3: Blues 4, Branscome Predators 3

The Blues, having just faced the first-place Bruins, came in to their second game knowing they still needed another ‘W’ against the Preds.  They knew the Pens had won their first game of the day, and that their backs were against the wall to prevent being flipped in the standings.  It really is a testament to the tenacity of this Blues squad that they came into the last day of the season needing to win two games, and getting it done.  Josh Hail showed up just when the Blues needed him most, figuring in on every goal with a hat trick and an assist.  Julian Dedicatoria registered a multipoint game with a goal and an assist; Jennie Rice scored on the only shot she took; Cory Chance picked up an assist.  El Presidente made his long-awaited return for the Preds, scoring a goal and an assist; Guy Shover matched his captain’s output; Jesse West scored.  Following the game, the Ageless Wonder Mark Stapleton was observed dancing a fervent jig out by his pickup.

Game 4: K&E Marine Capitals 3, EZ Loan Bruins 3

In what ESSHL pundits consider to be a precursor to the championship series, the cream-of-the-crop Bruins and Caps met in a careful, almost tentative matchup.  With each team playing a smart, low-risk game, the pace slowed down a bit as the opponents felt each other out.  And while some spectacular chances developed for each squad, neither one could definitively take control of the game, not in regulation, not in a shootout.  For the Caps, Preston Shover scored both regulation goals, as well as their shootout goal; Ray Schreffler picked up a helper.  Jason Johnson and Zach Webb scored the Bruins’ regulation goals on assists from Scott Millikin and the Smooth Criminal, who also scored in the shootout.

Game 5: Jim Wert Builder, Inc. Penguins 2, Delmarva Soil and Concrete Red Wings 1

The Penguins, despite knowing that they couldn’t overtake the Blues in the standings, played arguably the most playoff-like game against the Wings, who were doing some standings-jockeying of their own.  In a tense, back-and-forth game, the Pens managed to narrowly edge the Red Wings in possession and on the scoreboard, thanks to timely goals from their two best scorers, Derek Hail and Josh LoFaso.  Guy Parks was able to hold the Huntsman in check this time around, but youngster Trey Lodge managed to rain on his shutout party, netting the Wing’s sole goal on an assist from Wes Stapleton.  Michael Garbacz and Kevin Cornwell joined LoFaso in adding helpers to the mix in the Pens’ victory.

Game 6: Branscome Predators 6, Eastern Speed Shop Avalanche 2

Looking to lead the Preds into the playoffs after a significant skid in the standings, El Presidente delivered a rousing five-point performance to put his team back in the ‘win’ column.  Meanwhile, the speedy-but-short-benched Avs couldn’t solve Ali Stapleton, who has done an excellent job as backup goalie this season.  El got himself a “pace yourself” hat trick to go along with a pair of assists; Jesse West produced a goal and two assists; Guy Shover scored a pair of goals; Dalton McDaniel added an assist.  Dustin Palo led the charge for the Avalanche, netting a goal and an assist; Mr. Tease scored the other goal; New York Metzger picked up an assist.

Game 7: K&E Marine Capitals 5, Delmarva Soil and Concrete Red Wings 5

It’s not often that a team finishes with two ties in one Sunday, but the Caps managed to do it.  In a consistently even game that intensified as it went on, neither the Wings nor the Caps could pull away.  It’s probably even less often that one player manages to score two shootout goals in the same day, but the Caps’ Preston Shover did it.  However, the Wings’ CJ Jones also found the back of the net in the shootout, thus ending the 2017 regular season with a tie.  James Haley led the Caps with a goal and two assists; Preston Shover and The Pat Trick each recorded a goal and an assist; Ray Schreffler scored.  For the Wings, The Huntsman produced a goal and an assist; Wes Stapleton had a couple of markers; Tayler Parks scored; Adrian Clark added a helper.

The ESSHL playoffs begin April 23rd, 2017 at Stapleton Rink.